Are you a techie? I use this portfolio as a showcase of my experience, but also as a sandbox in which I experiment and just have fun. If you have a technical background, you might enjoy playing around with the terminal emulator! You won't see this popup again, but if you feel like using the terminal again, there's a blinking icon in the top left corner, next to my profile picture!
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Welcome to my terminal emulator! You can find information about me and my portfolio in the /home/paul directory.
I built this project from scratch using jQuery. There's a lot to explore and to try, so don't hesitate to check out the 'help' command.
As it turns out, building an entire file system in pure JS isn't as easy as it may seem. I got it to work, but if you encounter any bugs, please let me know at
Have fun exploring!

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Paul Dielenschneider
Fullstack Developer
Design & experience oriented
  • Residence:
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  • Angular, Typescript
  • Flutter, Java/Quarkus
  • Nocode
  • ThreeJS, PixiJS
  • CI/CD, Jenkins, Github Actions
  • Docker, Compose
  • NodeJS, Apache
  • MySQL, Firebase, S3
  • Unreal Engine, Unity
  • UI/UX design, Dynamic Apps
  • Front/Backend, Multiplatform
  • Scrum Project Management
  • Jetbrains Suite
  • Communication, Collaboration

Software isn't just my job.
It's my art.

<code> I build </code>

My Skills

Web & Fullstack Development
From dynamic Angular web applications to efficient Quarkus REST APIs, I can make any idea come to life with a beautifully thought-out platform, from end to end.
Mobile Development
Management applications, productivity tools or even mobiles games, your call: a mobile app is always more intuitive than a website, and I can make it happen.
Game Development
I've been making games since I was a kid. No matter the platform, I think there's always something more to learn. I love finding new ways to overcome obstacles.
UI/UX Design
Developing content isn't only about making things functional. It's important to make something that pleases users visually, so I give a lot of importance to UI/UX design.
Management & Collaboration
Throughout the years, I got to work with several teams and people across the world. I can lead a team and manage a project with scrum methodologies, for instance.
Learning new languages and getting into new tools doesn't scare me. A lot of the knowledge I use everyday was self-acquired and reinforced with projects.


Jean-Robert Canto
CCBMNS Secretary
Paul knew how to bring real value to our association with the showcase that is the website he built for us.
Marie-Jeanne Marchais
SOS Paspanga Vice-President
Listens to requests, very reactive and gives all the necessary tools to manage the product after delivery.


Work History

Thales DMS
Software engineer
feb 2021 - now

Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

I started as an intern in Thales in February 2021 and was hired in August 2023. My work has mainly been focusing on developing web applications and figuring out whether they can be viable in such a secure and high-demanding environment. I have more recently been working on cutting-edge visualization tools using ThreeJS.

aug 2017 - now

CykaDev is an independent game and software development team, created to officially host several game modifications back in 2017.

Notable works:
  • Thermassist (since 2019): twice winner of an innovation contest organized by the South-Western French Thermes businesses, it was sold to the AQUI O Thermes Cluster. It is an Angular-based establishment and customer management platform.
  • Seikatsu: Visual-novel type game, made in collaboration with an international team (American proofreaders, German artist).
  • SOS Paspanga Website: Showcase website made for a humanitarian association working in Burkina Faso.
Intech Projects
Project Manager
feb 2018 - aug 2020

Throughout our studies at Intech, we get to work with several associations and customers in order to hone our skills while creating content they want to see. I got to lead several of these projects:

  • e-Rescue: Android application made for the CCBMNS (Comité Côte Basque des Maîtres Nageurs Sauveteurs), making their general association and training session management easier through various communication tools.
  • Showtime: WPF Windows client made for "La Locomotive", a music association. It was created to make budget and planning management easier for their team.
  • Gynosco: HTML/CSS web-app made for an independent customer. It is a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform.

Contact information

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  • Street:
    12 Rue Claude Perrault
  • Personal:
    (+33) 06 52 66 16 21
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